Terms & Conditions of Service

OEC's Terms and Conditions of Service are designed to govern the supplying and taking of electric service in such a manner as to secure for each member the greatest practicable latitude in the enjoyment of his service that is consistent with good practice and safety to other members and consumers and to the Cooperative. They supersede and cancel all previous regulations pertaining to the supplying and taking of OKlahoma Electric Cooperative's electric service.



Flipping a switch is simple. Our mission of providing reliable, affordable and abundant electricity is not. That’s why we deploy state-of-the-art solutions to help control costs and improve service reliability and system efficiency. Our time-of-use price structure is a partnership approach aimed at achieving this goal while providing financial incentive to co-op members for altering their energy use patterns to off-peak periods.

Home Energy Audit

As an electricity provider, it might seem counterintuitive that we encourage consumers to use less of the service we provide. However, as a local cooperative, we strive to improve our members' quality of life in several ways. Providing innovative energy programs — thus, keeping money in your pocket — is one of the ways we are here to serve you.

Co-op News

The Co-op News is a 24-page members only magazine that features interesting and informative articles on such topics as energy efficiency and conservation, policy and legislative issues and safety. Stories highlighting co-op people and OEC's community and economic development efforts are included as well. A multi-page Classified Advertising section and the featured recipe page historically are reader favorites. Below is the current issue in digital format. View OEC's Media Kit