OEC Named 5-Star Co-op

Proud 5 Star Electric Co-op

As an electric cooperative, we pride ourselves on engaging in the democratic process. We believe it is imperative for our collective voices to be heard. And that in doing so, we build a stronger future. As such, we are proud to report that OEC has recently been named a 5-Star Co-op Votes Cooperative. This underscores our commitment to and investment in all of our tomorrows.



Fire Up Summer Savings

As you gear up to celebrate our nation's independence tomorrow, why not take the time to also celebrate your summer savings. Here are some simple and easy ways to save energy and money. In this week's #wattsupwednesday (really, we cheated, and this is a #wattsuptuesday) we learn how to:

  • make refrigerators and freezers more efficient
  • tips for extra/garage appliances
  • and learn some simple DIY tips to increase efficiency.

See it all here: