OU Women's Basketball Players Inspire, Empower

OU Women's Basketball Players Inspire, Empower

Twenty-five fourth and fifth grade girls from Lakeview Elementary in Norman, Little Axe Elementary and Pioneer Intermediate School in Noble participated in the OU women's basketball Girls' Clinic Saturday, Nov. 4. They learned valuable skills firsthand from OU players and coaches.

"OEC won this opportunity at a United Way of Norman fundraiser, and we were excited to offer it to some of our more rural schools," said Education and Outreach Coordinator Tory Tedder-Loffland. "The OU players and coaches demonstrated what it means to be strong, confident and compassionate, and we saw a physical transformation in the 25 girls as the day went on." 

The students perfected their basketball skills alongside the OU players and coaches, but the day wasn't only about basketball. 

"The girls left feeling empowered and inspired to be anything they choose to be," said Tedder-Loffland. "It was an honor to spend the morning with the OU women and coaching staff, and we can't thank them enough for the impact they had on those 25 girls."


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