OEC Unveils Live Line Safety Education

OEC Unveils Live Line Safety Education

OEC values electric safety and believes in educating first responders, emergency personnel, children and the general public on the dangers of electricity. With our new Live Line Demo, we will be able to do just that.

“The safety of everyone — not just OEC employees and members — is a priority for us, and this Live Line Demo will help ensure the safety of everyone who encounters electricity,” said Energy Efficiency and Solutions Specialist Daniel Lofland, who adopted the idea from a similar demo at CoServ Electric Cooperative in Texas.

Field Design Technician Brad Hunter, along with District Lineman Clifford Chastain and Journeyman Power Lineman Ryan Spears, assisted Lofland in the engineering, planning, construction and fine-tuning of the Live Line Demo. District linemen and their helpers assist in the operation of the Live Line Demo as it travels throughout OEC’s service area.

“How to safely interact with electricity is life-saving knowledge to have,” said Lofland. 

OEC utilizes the Live Line Demo for first responder and disaster training, safety education at schools and for the general public.

“After pre-planning and drawing a blue print, it took about three days to construct and a week or so of fine-tuning," said Lofland.

The result is an educational tool that contributes to the electric safety of everyone.

Contact Daniel Lofland at Daniel.lofland@okcoop.org or 217-6631 to schedule a presentation of OEC’s Live Line Demo.

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