Our Cooperative Difference

Being a cooperative is something we take very seriously.  As our members, we work for you and we strive to make you proud.  We are constantly searching for ways to serve you best.  Learn more about what makes YOUR cooperative different below.


Our Cooperative Principles


Capital Credits

Unlike other companies, we give our profits to YOU.




Terms and Conditions of Service 

OEC's Terms and Conditions of Service are designed to govern the supplying and taking of electric service in such a manner as to secure for each member the greatest practicable latitude in the enjoyment of his service that is consistent with good practice and safety to other members and consumers and to the Cooperative. They supersede and cancel all previous regulations pertaining to the supplying and taking of OKlahoma Electric Cooperative's electric service.

Applicability:These Terms and Conditions of Service, and any modifications thereof and additions thereto lawfully made, are applicable to all standard service agreements and contracts now existing or which may be entered into by the OEC and to all rate schedules which from time to time may be lawfully determined and adopted.