Noble/Slaughterville Updates

The District 2 District Meeting was held Monday, July 10, 2017 at Little Axe Middle School. Members had the following questions:

  • Can proxy and/or absentee voting be allowed?
    • Oklahoma law does allow for vote by mail or proxy for any business at the annual meeting, if allowed by the bylaws (OEC’s bylaws do not currently allow for this). Oklahoma law does not allow for mail or proxy votes for voting districts (district meetings). Cooperative governance questions can be complex legal questions. Please see our bylaws here for more information or feel free to call 321-2024.
  • What can be done for people who cannot come to events because they are unable to leave their home?
    • The Board of Trustees is examining additional ways to engage all members.
  • Will OEC be investing in Fiber? What will that look like?
    • OEC is currently investigating the feasibility of this investment. As soon as the research is conclusive, we will report to members.
  • How can we increase the odds of reaching a quorum?
    • We will examine additional possibilities. 
  • What do you need a copy of the will to verify receipt of land after someone leaves it to you?
    • No. Members need not share the copy of the will.