New Equipment Decreases Outage Times

New Equipment Decreases Outage Times

In 2017, OEC installed its first Tavrida recloser, designed to clear transient faults and isolate permanent faults. In other words, the recloser prevents a large number of members from losing power due to a minor disturbance. As maintenance crews install these state-of-the-art devices across OEC’s service area, they will ensure fewer members are affected when a fault occurs and allow for more automation in the future.

“When a storm comes through and it detects a fault, it’ll open up instantaneously which may keep from endangering the public and save some of our equipment,” said District Lineman Phillip Miller as he and his crew installed a recloser in Norman.

The equipment reduces outages and keeps outage times down by not allowing temporary faults to become permanent problems. For example, during a storm, members might experience more blinks rather than the complete loss of power due to a lightning strike or minor disturbance. This allows crews to concentrate on repairing areas with permanent damage.

“The more reclosers we have on our system, the more control we will have from the office,” said Nick Shumaker, manager of system engineering. “Ultimately, they will allow our distribution system to be more automated and will have an immediate and direct effect on the reduction of our members’ outage time.”

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