Building community through giving

Building community through giving

Thirty-six OEC employees teamed up with Citizens Advisory Board and Food and Shelter, Inc. during United Way of Norman's (UWN) Day of Caring (DOC). The annual service event brought together over 600 volunteers from businesses in Cleveland County. Over 30 nonprofit agencies in Norman, Moore, Little Axe and Noble benefitted from DOC, which kicked off UWN's annual fundraising campaign.

"I enjoy seeing so many members of our community come together to help out our often-struggling nonprofits complete tasks they might not be able to perform due to budget restraints, staffing and the necessary time commitment," said OEC Education and Outreach Coordinator Tory Tedder-Loffland. "OEC's group was so large, we were able to meet the needs of two organizations."

OEC's two volunteer groups spent time tearing down a wall, wiring a shed for electricity, cleaning cottages for homeless residents, constructing a wall in a warehouse, taking inventory and more. It was a busy day filled with rewarding work for deserving organizations.

Tedder-Loffland served as co-chair of UWN's DOC, and CEO Patrick Grace serves on UWN's board of directors.



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