Budget Billing

Sign up for Budget Billing today to manage your household expenses and plan for seasonal fluctuations in your bill. Budget Billing is perfect for anyone who wants to pay the same bill amount every month, for 12 months. The amount you pay is recalculated every year based on your energy use habits, and there is no true-up at the end of the 12 months. 

Same $/Month

  • Predictable/set monthly bills
  • No monthly usage fluctuation
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The rate at which a service appears in the Account Summary section, located at the top right, on each statement (sample bill available here). Below are descriptions and pricing of our residential rate classes, all of which are effective with bills mailed on or after Jan. 1, 2019. Alternative rate options are available for those who can reduce the majority of their power consumption when called to do so. For more information on these rates, see OEC's Terms and Conditions or contact Tim Ferree at 405-321-2024.